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Mind in Balance journey began in 2013 due to the collective observation of partnership relations, friends, colleagues, staff and clients within the Health and Social Care sector as well as other settings.

It was through this experience Mind in Balance manifested. Our passion is to offer the opportunity for individuals to develop their authentic self, explore choices, make inform decision about their Well Being and take charge of their lives. Our core skills set ranges from providing Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring and delivering workshops.

Alongside this is the preventative work whereby Mind in Balance support young people in raising their awareness so that they can take charge of their lives now and seize the opportunity to know and grow themselves.

The question you might be asking is why these three approaches? Mind in Balance believe that Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring are effective interventions in moving people through the different stages of their life journeys.

We can passionately advocate this due to our own personal understanding and experience of these therapeutic interventions as well as the numerous national findings that supports our practice.

Within Mind in Balance we work towards you disrobing labels and embark on a journey of self-awareness, enlightenment and evolvement hence why we see those who access our service as ‘students of life’.

“We care because you matter”

Hair & Scalp Analysis

There are numerous reasons why an individual may experience Hair damage and Hair loss. Some of which are pre and post-Pregnancy Hormonal Changes,  Medication, Chemicals, Illness, Emotional Stress, low Estrogen levels, Hair Glue, Nutritional Deficiency and Low Iron Levels.

Mind In Balance Holistic Care will conduct a thorough hair and scalp analysis including the use of a microscope to examine the hair and scalp, along with information on Family, Dietary and Health history. By doing this our hair specialist will be able to recommend the best treatment method possible for the best results.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

How will I know if you can help my hair and/or scalp concerns? Great question! You would contact us and schedule a Hair and Scalp Analysis Consultation with one of our Hair Care Specialists.

How much is the consultation for the Hair and Scalp Analysis? Consultations are £75.00

Do you require a deposit for the Hair and Scalp Analysis? Yes, there is a £20.00 deposit fee.

How do I make my deposit payment? Payment can be made over the phone, in person. Please let us know which option will suit your needs. Deposit is required no later than 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled consultation. Consultation will be cancelled if deposit is not received 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled appointment.

How much do treatments cost? The cost of treatment differs from individual to individual. Each treatment program is customised for that individual needs. It depends on the issue the client is experiencing.Treatment cost is discussed during the consultation.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment? Feel free to call us at 0203 189 1659 or 07984778009 to discuss your availability.

Will I receive an appointment the same day that I call? Our policy is to provide you with an appointment once we receive a few options as to your availability.

What all is involved in the Hair and Scalp Analysis consultation? The consultation typically last for a hour and a half. A detail and thorough examination of the hair and scalp is performed using a digital microscope while magnifying the hair and scalp to see things we can’t see with the plain eye. We also gather vital information from our intake form such as family history, dietary history and health history. Our objective is to identify what type of hair and scalp issue the client is experiencing to determine if it is treatable. And what methods of treatments we would recommend for the client. We also perform a wellness consult on the client to help determine what imbalances they may have within their body systems.

Will the hair and scalp analysis  be painful? No it is noninvasive. We use a digital microscope to analyse the hair and scalp.

How long does the treatment program last? 6 months to a year. It depends on the needs of the client.

How long will it take before I see results? It depends on how consistent and committed the client is. If you can not commit and be consistent we would rather not even have you to start the program.We recommend giving your scalp and body a least six months to respond to the regimen. Remember the problem did not occur overnight.

How often do I need to come for treatments? We see most clients one every two week but again it depends on the needs on the client.

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Can you guarantee to grow my hair? We do not claim to grow hair but what we do is create the right environment on the scalp as well as internally to allow the body to do what it is designed to do.

Do I have to take wellness products while undergoing the treatment program? It is highly recommend to follow through with all the recommendations. This is will enhance the treatments performed externally because we have identified that hair and scalp issues typically starts when there is an imbalance internally.

Do your treatment program work? Each individual will respond different. But when you couple all the methods together and the client follow the recommendations they tend to see some form of improvement with their hair and scalp. Whether it be a decrease in the shedding of the hair, decrease in the itchy scalp, or less flakes on the scalp. We are excited to see some change. And if hair starts to rejuvenate that’s definitely a plus!

Do you have any clients that have regrown their hair? Yes. But again it varies from individual to individual . And typically the client that follows the recommendations have better results.

When can I come in for a consultation? You can email, text or you can call to speak with one of our friendly Hair Care Specialists and we will review the schedule for the earliest availability for an appointment. A Wellness Consultation involves: An in­-depth consultation about your body systems deficiencies or excesses. A recommended program to help balance the Body System. A follow up visit is recommended every 3 months until optimum results are obtained.

Is the wellness consultation painful? No. You simply rest your hand on the cradle connected to a computer, it reads the stimuli from the body transmits it to the computer. It detects nutritional deficiencies within the 10 body systems. It provides safe, reliable information, measuring your body’s responses to energetic signatures for nutritional products. The assessments are painless and relatively fast, allowing you to assess you current needs, and to readjust your supplement intake for maximum effectiveness.

Why is this wellness consult necessary? This assessment helps eliminate the guesswork in choosing an effective treatment program. You will know what your body needs. Therefore you will not waste money on products that your body can not and will not assimilate.

Is this wellness consult only for those with hair and scalp issues? No,This is an excellent device to help clients decide what treatment products they need to help maintain optimum hair health.

Do you accept walk ins? No, We accept appointments only.

What if  I just want to stop by your location to see your facility? You are more than welcome to stop by to meet us and our friendly staff and to see our facility. However, we would ask that you please give us a call before hand to let us know that you would like to stop by because our policy is to only allow clients to enter our facility. That way we are able to identify you as a possible new client. No call…no enter!

Is everyone a candidate for the treatment program? No, if we determine you are not a candidate for our treatment program we will discuss other options such as a customised hair unit (a wig made specifically for the individual )

Will you tell me if you can treat my issue or not? Yes, if this issue is beyond our realms we will always recommend the client see a medical doctor.

Do you treat children? Yes