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Mind in Balance journey began in 2013 due to the collective observation of partnership relations, friends, colleagues, staff and clients within the Health and Social Care sector as well as other settings.

It was through this experience Mind in Balance manifested. Our passion is to offer the opportunity for individuals to develop their authentic self, explore choices, make inform decision about their Well Being and take charge of their lives. Our core skills set ranges from providing Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring and delivering workshops.

Alongside this is the preventative work whereby Mind in Balance support young people in raising their awareness so that they can take charge of their lives now and seize the opportunity to know and grow themselves.

The question you might be asking is why these three approaches? Mind in Balance believe that Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring are effective interventions in moving people through the different stages of their life journeys.

We can passionately advocate this due to our own personal understanding and experience of these therapeutic interventions as well as the numerous national findings that supports our practice.

Within Mind in Balance we work towards you disrobing labels and embark on a journey of self-awareness, enlightenment and evolvement hence why we see those who access our service as ‘students of life’.

“We care because you matter”

“Before making the decision to see a life coach I felt as if anyone asked me a question deeper than surface level I would burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed by everything.”

“I knew I was at a turning point and agreed to have a taster session with Annie-Mae. During this session, the thing that absolutely blew my mind was that she said I am in control. I had felt so out of control of my life for so long that I had lost my sense of self & direction, I was unhappy but had no idea how to begin dealing with the issues I had ignored for years.

Six months later, I am confident in the knowledge that I am in control, that my voice, thoughts and emotions matter. That just because some people in my past had treated me as though I don’t matter, it didn’t meant I had to carry on in that vain & affirm their projections on me. I now know that I am and my dreams are important, I am who I am & my “fears” are my freedom in disguise.

Annie-Mae has enabled me to build up the confidence to enlarge my comfort zone, I feel empowered to be my true authentic self. Able to feel the fear and do it anyway, my thought life and perspective has shifted from a negative world view to a positive one. I smile a lot more, friends & family have noticed that my walls have come down and I am more present!

I could not recommend Mind In Balance enough and I am really excited for the future.”

“Finally found something that works!”

I have been using several different products over the years to treat my hair and nothing seems to work. Over the last few months I have been using Mind In Balance products and have been engaged in their hair treatment process.  I have notice a huge difference in my hair texture and growth.

Thank you Nevia, I am looking better and feeling better.

“If I didn’t speak to somebody soon, my anxiety would consume me”

My job as a professional dancer often made me feel stressed, anxious and panicky. I experienced low self-esteem, eating complexities, and frequently compared my body image, background and talent to others. I was always torn between feeling that ‘I don’t have a right’ to feel this way, as I am fortunate to be doing what I love and knowing that if I didn’t speak to somebody soon, my anxiety would consume me.

I remain so grateful to have had Annie-Mae as my coach during this time. Not only did she help me to conquer my immediate fears but showed me how my past experiences have had a subconscious negative effect. Annie-Mae gave me the life-changing skills I needed to knock-out the gremlins on my shoulders and to take control of my destiny.

Mind In Balance take the time to get to know who you are and to help you in all areas of life. After making a few connections, in the most caring, wonderful and funny way, Annie-Mae set me the task of paying a bit more attention to detail in my fashion and make-up. I bought a new lipstick, woke up a bit earlier to do something more fancy with my hair and within a week, going to ballet class didn’t make me feel so awful! This short and significant exercise was personal to me. She showed me that I own my feelings and that I have a choice in how I choose to feel each day.

What I loved about my sessions with Annie-Mae is that we covered everything. I learned and achieved so much and since then, my confidence has continued to go from strength to strength. She is the perfect guidance that every creative person needs. My job successes wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the incredible energy that Annie-Mae provides.